Crazy Time online game show review at Pin Up India

This online game was created on the idea of Dream Catcher but has changed beyond recognition. At this point, the gambling component is heightened by the presence of the Top Slot feature in the game rounds and several spectacular bonus games. In Crazy Time, even a beginner can find a multiplier of 25,000x, which increases the overall interest in this new machine.

Crazy Time game features

Every player should definitely try Crazy Time in a Pin Up live casino. This game was created by Evolution Gaming and released in the summer of 2020. It has received truly stunning popularity right from the moment of its release.

The enormous wheel of fate is essential to Crazy Time online game. It has 54 different segments with numbers and four extra features. You have the option of betting on one or several of them. If the wheel stops on a number you have selected, you win your wager multiplied by that number, and your money is refunded. It also has the option of autoplay, but it is best to bet on its own with your strategy.

Pin Up Casino Crazy Time

Wagering starts at 10 cents and may go all the way up to €5,000. Of course, Evolution Gaming makes things as simple and comfortable as possible for you. The wheel looks like roulette, but it is not.

When you place a wager on a bonus feature and the wheel stops on that bonus, you are in for a treat: the bonus feature:

  • Crazy Time

  • Pachinko

  • Coin Flip

  • Cash Hunt

The table shows which sector and how many of them make up the wheel.



1 (1 to 1)


2 (2 to 1)


5 (5 to 1)


10 (10 to 1)


Pachinko (up to €500,000)


Cash Hunt (up to €500,000)


Coin Flip (up to €500,000)


Crazy Time (up to €500,000)




As mentioned earlier, the wheel itself consists of certain zones. The dealer spins the wheel, and you win if the arrow stops on the area you bet on.

Return to the player:


Type of casino game:

Live Show

The maximum possible winning:


Ways to win:

Bet on one of six options with different odds with an advanced multiplier system.

Graphics — Crazy Time game

This is a full-fledged live show with real-existing props and actually present dealers. Everything you see on the screen is real. In order to make sure that this is not some pre-recorded video, try to use the chat room. Dealers, depending on character and mood, pay considerable attention to this.

Graphics — Crazy Time game

The graphics here are more sophisticated and better rendered. You will see in front of you an interface that consists of the eight of every stake below. You can bet on a single zone, which is on the wheel, or several at once. If you want, you can bet a certain amount of money on all zones at once. Who knows if you might get lucky and win the most profitable one?

The difference with Dream Catcher is one thing. And it is really significant. Special bonus games here can be accessed if they fall on the wheel. In that case, the croupier goes to another machine and performs certain actions, and the players have to bet extra on some random outcome outside the wheel.

Get to know this game with the Crazy Time demo. You will see everything with your own eyes, even without making any bets for real money. Let it be a kind of tour for you.

Themes of PinUp game

Since this is not some ordinary slot run with the help of special software on the servers of Pragmatic Play or any other gaming software provider, there are no special themes.

There are certain rich special effects, including beautiful views of the very studio where this live show is filmed. There are also possible themed outfits for each dealer who performs.

If you really wanted to experience a real celebration, you could just go in for a while and watch the little performances that are provided there. A festive mood with the help of the costumes and the friendliness of the croupiers is definitely guaranteed for you.

There are also different themed outfits for Indian holidays. The general atmosphere of joy and happiness will help your luck to win huge amounts of money with this rather easy live show attraction.

Crazy Time Bonus Features

Inside Crazy Time casino there are as many as four different bonus games. One of them can drop while spinning the wheel. Each one has different features, but you're guaranteed to get huge prizes. The chance of a particular bonus game falling out varies, you should follow the odds table that was written above. For example, the most exciting one, which is called Crazy Time, falls on average once per 54 games. At the same moment, another bonus called Coin Flip has a 1 in 13.5 chance. That is, on average, every 13-14 rotations promises to stumble on this possibility.

Top Wins

Now, we'll talk more specifically about the four bonus games present here while you play Crazy Time online. Below you will see a list of top wins and their description:

  • Cash Hunt. You will definitely love it. This is a huge shooting gallery with an equally large screen with 108 different multipliers. These are covered with random symbols and are shuffled around before the player can aim when the countdown timer starts. You, as the player, must choose the target on the screen that promises the greatest profits and rewards at the end of the game. As soon as the time expires, the cannon will fire directly at the selected target and reveal what you selected at the beginning. The chance of this bonus occurring during the game is 1 in 27.

  • Coin Flip. Surprisingly, the classic and unremarkable coin flip determines which multiplier you will get. It has two sides: red and blue. The side that is at the top. What multipliers does one side or the other promise? These are randomly generated. The chance of getting this bonus is 1 in 13-14.

  • Pachinko. This bonus game features a large wall with many physical pegs. In this case, the presenter will determine your next winnings. He or she throws a circle on these pegs and which peg it falls on will be your multiplier. For example, if the puck falls on the DOUBLE value, all multipliers at the bottom of the wall will be doubled, and the puck must be thrown again until the multiplier is won. The puck cannot be thrown indefinitely and the maximum multiplier for this is 10,000x. The chance of such a bonus is 1 in 27.

  • Crazy Time. In this case, each player must choose a specific flapper: blue, green, or yellow. The game host starts the wheel and when the wheel stops, the player wins the multiplier that the arrow points to. If the arrow points to "DOUBLE" or "TRIPLE" all multipliers are doubled or tripled, and the wheel rotates again. The wheel can be rotated repeatedly until the multipliers reach the maximum of 20,000x. The chance of falling out of such a bonus is quite small, from 1 to 54, but the rewards provided are more significant.

Check the Rules Before You Play Crazy Time online

We want to warn you to familiarize yourself with the rules of every game you start playing. If you do not know the rules, you are unarmed. You must know the true odds of every choice you make.

The rules are one of the most important things to familiarize yourself with before every game of the new machines. Only after you are familiar with them in detail can you start playing them with full confidence. It is good that the game is easy enough and the rules are trivial, but still take your time before starting the game. It is worth it.

How to Play Crazy Time demo without registration

The casino offers a completely free option for this game. It is still a good enough choice if you want to design your personal game strategy. That is what most rational people do. By the way, you don't have to download anything to play — just use your browser.

How can you start playing the free version even without registration? Follow these steps:

  • Go to the official site of Pin-Up Casino and search for the Crazy Time game.

  • Choose the total size of your bets.

  • Set a session budget and go.

The game will start automatically after you bet, the dealer will let you know, and the opportunity to bet will turn gray as the wheel is about to spin.

As you can see, it is easy enough. Try and develop your skill on the demo version and then move on to gambling for real money.

Practice with Free Games

There is nothing wrong with playing a game's demo version. Initially, casino games were created just for fun, so take everything from this game. After all, you can come here just for the excellent mood the dealers give to their players. You may have a favorite dealer you want to play with for real money. The lack of registration will only limit you in the fact that you won't be able to write in the chat room. These are the security features of each gaming provider. By the way, you can also use a demo option after registration.

Conclusion for Crazy Time casino Pin Up

It really is a great game for a good time. The presenters who do spin are really professionals, and with them, the time flies by pretty quickly even if you don't bet at all. You can really just watch the game and listen to the host. There is nothing wrong with that.

The design of this live show is great. If you compare it to Dream Cather, Crazy Time is many times better. The Crazy Time registration process is also quite easy.

Moreover, there are interactive bonuses that other similar live shows don't have and a more elaborate and pleasant environment. It is no wonder that Evolution Gaming is considered to be one of the best gaming software providers in the world. They have made another quality product for players around the world.

The game mechanics are easy, and the game starts out on its own. All you have to do is choose an amount and bet on a particular area. You can also cancel your bet before the round starts if you suddenly change your mind about doing so.


What is the Crazy Time game show?

This is one of the most advanced and popular games from the famous gaming software Evolution Gaming provider. It provides intuitive gameplay, huge rewards, and consistently high RTP, both on average and per area. In fact, it's the same as Dream Catcher or Money Wheel, but with advanced game systems and bonuses that you can't find anywhere else. If you start your gambling experience with this deal, it will surely be unforgettable.

Is online Crazy Time legal in India?

Yes. Under the regulations of individual local Indian states and federal law, it is not a prohibited game. Online casinos are not restricted in India or to Indian citizens. You are free to make deposits on this gambling venture and withdraw them to your bank card with any convenient payment system. In addition, this casino is protected by a European quality license, which covers your financial and overall security, what is Crazy Time game may be applied.

What are the minimum and maximum bet?

IThe minimum bet is 10 cents, and the maximum bet is 5 thousand dollars or euros. These limits were not invented by chance, and they are indeed reasonable. You may not see such rational limits in some live shows and slot machines. Here you can fully follow the strategy of gradual hanging bets to always be in the profit because the upper limit allows you to do so.

What is the biggest single win on Crazy Time?

The most significant victory came in January 2022. Someone managed to hit a multiplier of 12500x, and the final payout was 1,920,000 euros. This is indeed a huge amount, which was achieved with the help of the trivial actions of a particular player and dealer. You could be another person who was lucky enough to accomplish this. All you have to do is try, and chance and luck will do the rest for you.