Jet-X online game review at Pin Up India

Jet X is a product of Smartsoft Gaming. This developer is a fast-growing company on the market and has already wowed players with several excellent slots. Jet X is another groundbreaking development aiming to push every player's usual limits. It is based on an ultra-fast plane that flies as high as possible to give huge winnings to its regular and new players. The action of the Pin Up game takes place on an airstrip. Even though it seems like a typical game, it really isn't. It will awaken your excitement, be sure of that.

Jet X game features



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The maximum possible winning


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Ways to win

You should anticipate when you should stop the multiplier's growth before the plane flies away. You will then pick up where you left off.

The above table shows how high the RTP of this casino game is. In some cases, this number can reach both 98% and 96% of payouts, but the average number remains at 97%.

One of the great things about this game is that it is extremely easy for beginners. It is also quite profitable for experienced players who are already familiar with most standard slots. There is no problem with getting a huge win in just a couple of minutes.

As previously stated, the provider of this particular variety of takeoff games is Smartsoft Gaming. This company really cares about the quality of their products, so every game they have runs smoothly and without any bugs.

Jet X game features

Remember that the plane takes off every 15 seconds in this game, with no breaks in between. Regardless of when you decide to play, you won't have to wait long to place your wager. The JetX round necessitates an initial wager, which is how you obtain your prizes. It is comparable to its younger sibling, the Aviator Game, except the games last only 8 seconds.

The minimum bet is 10 cents, and the maximum is $600 for one round. This is fair, as there are no consistent winnings here. That is, you can't get known 2x or 5x winnings in advance, like in other similar games. The multiplier here can randomly go over 100x on your bet, so take the bull by the horns and try it out. You can try to find and enter bonus code Jetx to play it virtually for free for a while.

Graphics — Jet-X game

You should get a sense of old-fashioned right away. This is the one if you miss the ancient days of slot machines. The vintage design distinguishes this game since most current games rely on the speckled modern aesthetic to offer a commercial appearance.

During gaming sessions, however, you will see airplanes designed in the traditional manner soaring across the screen. The minimalist design itself gives you support as you play with its simplicity. The setting of the game is plain, with black and gray clouds.

You may pay out your earnings by hitting the collect button while the jet is flying. You can also increase your bets and leave the game at any moment. In addition, the game displays all players' bets, history, and total earnings and losses.

Even if you are not a fan of this type of casino game, you will undoubtedly love the potential prizes. You won't be disappointed if you give it a go.

Themes of PinUp game

Pin-Up Casino has no additional themes for this game. The main one will remain retro, which is based on airplanes, takeoffs, falls, and the sky.

This is one of the most popular games among players from India, as it brings huge cash payouts and is as simple as possible, not only in terms of gameplay but also in terms of interface. It can be played even with old mobile phones because here there is no usual overloading with various special effects.

Perhaps Pin-Up Casino will add sophisticated themes to this game sometime in the future. We will find out with the special announcements they make all the time on the home page or with the help of social media.

Features and Bonus Code JetX

Crash games are distinguished by their multiplayer capabilities. Jet X game features a jackpot feature that you may enable. It is awarded to the person chosen by the system. The minimum wager for the player must be 10 cents.

Features and Bonus Code JetX

Only 70% of the prize is distributed, with the remaining 30% used to seed the following round. When you play the jackpot mode, you have a 97.9% RTP and must wager at odds of 2.0. It is also possible to make an auto-withdraw of funds you won. You just need to set a limit and wait.

But otherwise, there are no special built-in bonuses in the game itself. You can take advantage of numerous promotions of the casino Pin-Up, which are available during the first deposit and under certain conditions. All offers you can see in the appropriate tab, which is located on the main page.

You will not be disappointed because you can play virtually for free in this game with the demo mode and the ability to withdraw to a real bank account, winning money that came to you as a bonus initially.

Top Wins

The whole Jet-X casino is actually one big jackpot. With varying degrees of probability, your initial bet can increase to staggering proportions.

The minimum multiplier is 1x. This is where it all starts. Very rarely, the game may be over before it even begins. So you made a bet, the game starts, and… it ends at 1x. Don't get upset and don't think it's some kind of mistake. The rules spell it out. It's a pretty rare event so it won't happen often.

The maximum multiplier is actually infinite and can be anything, but it has never gone higher than 25,000x. In fact, it rarely even reaches a value of 100x, mainly focusing on getting a win in the 2-4x range. It is at this point that the game ends. So plan your financial budget. It will definitely come in handy and play to your advantage.

Check the Rules Before You Play JetX online

Be careful when you start playing. This is really important for your understanding of the whole point of the game, but also to make sure you don't get into an uncomfortable or potentially dangerous situation for your finances.

You should be aware that even in a game as simple as the Jet X, peculiar pitfalls can prevent you from doing what you set out to do. For example, most players use the tactic of raising the bet if they have lost the original bet. This is the tactic where you lose one dollar and have to bet two in order to recoup your previous loss if you win and stay in the gain. The peculiar upper betting limits of each casino on winnings can ruin your day significantly if you are unaware of them. Do not forget that you have to keep track of your bankroll.

Also, you might not recognize any particular extra features of the game if you don't read the rules from the beginning. The rules, for example, spell out the possibilities of autoplay. You'll probably want to take advantage of it sooner or later, but you wouldn't have known about it without the rules.

How to Play Jet-X demo

Demo game is a game for which you do not pay money but do not get any winnings. In fact, you are simply given virtual currency, on which you can bet and receive in the form of the same virtual winnings in the end. This is quite handy if you want to enjoy the game or develop your tactics to be tested in practice. Practice your strategy there. How can you start playing the free version of this game? It's actually relatively easy:

  • First of all, you don't even need to register. This game is available as soon as you find it with a search or manually on the casino website.

  • Secondly, click on the "Play for free" button. Once the game loads, you can start placing virtual bets at the bottom of the screen.

  • Once you've placed your bet, wait for the game to start. Don't forget to click on "stop" in time to pick up your multiplier to boost your demo account. Hone your technique in this way until you're ready for the real game.

Once you're ready to play for real money, you can register on the site, make your first deposit and start playing for real money with the same search. In that case, you just have to click on "Play" and bet already as real money. In that case, you will obviously receive the same real money as your winnings.

This is a really great opportunity to play JetX demo, which not so many providers and casinos provide. We are lucky that this particular pair in the form of Pin-Up Casino and Smartsoft Gaming allows us to play for free and have fun.

Practice with Free Games

As mentioned above, practicing with a demo account is the most rational choice for anyone who is just starting to play a casino game. To start winning, you need to be fully aware of the algorithm and the rules by which this or that game works. No one wants to spend money to gain this experience, so the demo version remains the best option. The authors of this Jetx review advise you never to start the game with real money from the very beginning. It is better to practice on a demo account. It's risky enough to bet all your money on one bet, remember that.

Jet X app Download 2022

You can download the Jet X app from the official Pin-Up website. It works on both iOS and Android operating systems. Judging by the reviews and personal testing, they are optimized to play on almost every smartphone.

Don't you have enough storage space? You can play JetX online with a web browser. This version runs on any HTML5-compatible device. In this case, the processing of the software goes on the server side, not on your phone.


What is the Jet-X game?

JetX is a 2019 video game created by SmartSoft Gaming. It falls firmly into the crash game genre, which is quickly becoming popular among online casinos.

JetX is about a jet plane taking off and ascending in the sky. It can detonate anywhere, whether high in the air, beyond the earth's atmosphere, or deep space. You are encouraged to put in wagers. The betting stops when the plane is on the runway; the goal is to collect before the plane explodes. The higher the aircraft can fly, the greater your reward.

Is online Jet-X legal in India?

Yes. It is not a forbidden game under the rules of the local Indian states or federal law. You may deposit and withdraw some funds from this form of gaming enterprise using your bank card or any other simple payment method. Furthermore, this casino is safeguarded by a European standard license, which ensures your financial security.

What are the minimum and maximum bet?

The minimum bet is 10 cents, and the maximum bet is $600. Such a low value for the maximum bet is understandable when you consider the specifics of this casino game. In a single round, you can catch a multiplier of 100x and take home $60,000 in prizes if you bet as little as $600. An RTP value above the average is proof that people are getting quite a lot of winnings in this game.

What is the biggest single win on Jet-X?

Just recently, one player with 10 rupees won 200 thousand rupees because of advanced multiplier systems. As mentioned earlier, the multiplier can actually go up indefinitely. There is a minuscule amount of chance that it comes up almost once in a lifetime. But who knows, maybe you will be the lucky one to break this record today? Try it. It might really be your happiest day ever.