Registration at the Pin Up Bet & Casino website

The Pin Up brand is currently a market leader in the online gambling industry. There are high-quality games from well-known developers in its app and on the website. Because this casino is one of the largest in the gambling industry, it only works with the safest and most trusted game providers with a global reputation for software development. This is required to maintain its reputation among players. The registration procedure is straightforward. It will be described in great detail in this article so that you do not become confused.

The key advantages of Pin-up entrance

There are several significant advantages to the entrance to Pin Up Casino:

  • The most favourable and pleasant odds.

  • The huge selection of sporting events.

  • Fairly competitive bonuses for newcomers and ongoing events for older players.

  • Only licensed games.

  • Instant withdrawals to certain payment systems of your choice.

  • Qualified technical support, which works 24 hours a day, each and every day.

  • The unique slots.

  • A completely stable functioning website and servers that maintain it.

All this is complemented by the previously mentioned simple registration pin-up process.

How to enter the site Pin Up Casino

The official site can be accessed from any device with a browser that supports HTML5. Currently, all popular mobile and web browsers like Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Safari, and even Microsoft Edge have this feature. After successfully accessing the site, you can register here or enter a Pin Up casino login.

How to enter the site Pin Up Casino

If you are from India and want to play casino games or place a few sports bets, you are welcome. There are individual bonuses for you, and rupees are available as standard currency, unlike competitors who require mandatory conversion from dollars or euros.

Quick registration at Pin Up

Registering with a phone number and an email address on the Pin-Up platform is possible. Which is more convenient? That is entirely up to you. Make sure that all the data at the time of entering the form is up-to-date. Otherwise, you will not be able to confirm the correctness of the data entered, and the account will simply be impossible to activate in the future.

Pin Up — Registration process at the casino

How can you register on this site? Follow the steps:

  • Go to the casino's official website or its official mirror.

  • Click on the "Registration" button.

  • Choose your preferred method: it is possible to register yourself with an email or with a phone number.

  • Enter the necessary details that are specified in the forms. Come up with a Pin Up login and password. Also, additional information about the new player will include: last name, first name, date of birth, confirmation of the correctness of the entered phone number by SMS message, and you will have to choose the currency of the game account.

  • Read the terms of use for this service and click the "I agree to the Terms and Policy" checkbox.

  • Enter a code from the SMS in the required form and click on the Activate button.

We also want to introduce the second method, which is the most convenient for some users. This is the method of registration with an email address. Let's look at it:

  1. You should also visit the casino website. Make sure that the address you entered is correct.

  2. Click on the same familiar "Registration" button.

  3. Enter the necessary data, which is asked of you by the special form. Namely: your first and last name, date of birth, city, and country of residence, your address of residence, phone number, email, password, and the desired currency, which will be displayed on the home page and during the game.

After that, you will receive an email. You will have to follow the link in that email, which leads to the site. Once you do this, your account will be activated, and you can make your first deposit and claim your bonuses.

Account verification of the Pin-Up casino

If you want to play at Pin Up Casino today, you must first complete the profile verification process. You may be wondering why you are obliged to go through such a process, considering that it usually takes a long time and requires you to present certain evidence.

Account verification of the Pin-Up casino

This is because online casinos must adhere to severe "know your customer" rules and regulations (KYC).

To play at this online casino, you must submit your identity in the form of a driver's license, passport, or even other legal document displaying your present address. You may send them to them via email.

Why do online casinos need you to provide proof of income before making a deposit? They must first verify that you are the legitimate owner of the payment method before accepting it. Furthermore, they want to verify that there is no money laundering.

Pin Up bet Login to Casino

Anyone can forget their password or even their login. When attempting to approve, the club interface returns an error. This business operator allows access to the Pin Up Casino through social media accounts to avoid suffering and dealing with these issues.

The following social network access options are available for use in conjunction with Pin Up Casino:

  • Facebook. Creating a link between accounts is literally just a click away on the site. Personal activity is not reflected on your Facebook page for several reasons. One reason is that Pin Up Casino is concerned about the safety and privacy of its users. The second reason is the prohibition itself from Facebook regarding the publication of casino data.

  • Google. If you have a Google account, you can enter Pin-Up in the same way by linking your Google account. It's quick and easy enough.

Entering your username and password all the time is quite inconvenient, but it's important for keeping your account and finances safe. You can solve this problem by using your browser settings or third-party applications that save your passwords. This option is available inside the browser of a personal computer and any smartphone.

Log in to Pin-Up Casino using your account name and password. After that, your device will prompt you to save your username and password in the built-in password manager. You can make a shortcut inside your browser to the site to get to it faster. On both iOS and Android, the icon for this bookmark can be displayed on the home screen of your desktop.

Android & IOS

The authentication process on Android or iOS mobile systems is pretty straightforward if you have downloaded the app. It is also quite simple if you have opened the casino site with a web browser, but we will write about that a bit below.

If you've downloaded the iOS or Android app, immediately after you install and get inside that app, you will be prompted to enter your Pin Up bet login and password. Once you have successfully entered your account, you will be able to use the casino features as you would use them on a personal computer. The whole process is quite easy.

You can also regain access to your account in the same way in case you lose your password. Inside the application, you can immediately find the "Forgot Password" button. Follow the internal instructions to do the account recovery procedure.


If your phone does not support a mobile app or you simply do not want to download it for some reason, you can use the normal web browser version of the casino. It is as optimized as possible for any, even an old phone.

This is especially useful for people who are still using unsupported devices like Windows 10 Mobile or Symbian. Even those have HTML5-enabled browsers, so you can try playing directly from them. These are sporadic cases, but the developers of this site have provided for that as well.

Enter your account is easy, just like when you sign in on a personal computer. You have to find the Log in button, and then a special form will open for you to enter your password and your email or phone number. Once you successfully log into your account, you will have access to the full functionality of the casino.


Logging in using a personal computer is the easiest for most users.

Firstly, you won't be distracted by anything. For example, your cell phone may receive numerous calls or messages while you are actively playing roulette or blackjack. Can you imagine how annoying that is? When playing on a personal computer, you can answer the call and continue to play the game.

Second, because of the screens' features, the entire interface opens up to you in a larger room format.

To log into your account, you should, as in the web browser version for the phone, find the Log In button on the top right. Once you do that, you will be prompted to enter your username and password. Enter it, and you will be logged in and can make any transactions you want.

Pin up registration without errors

In order to carry out the registration without significant errors, you can use some tips:

  • Check the correctness of the entered data. This is the most important detail in every registration or transaction. Imagine if you made a one-character mistake when transferring money to your bank account. The money would go nowhere, and it would take you quite a long time and a difficult time to get it back. You should always double-check the data you enter to rule out the possibility of a typo.

  • If you have a problem you cannot solve, ask for help from technical support. There's nothing wrong with that because the technical support is there to help people like that.

  • Do not reload the browser page during the registration, as this can either completely reset the data you entered, or partially delete it, creating unnecessary obstacles at the end.

Pros and cons

Registration and verification of the account promise both pros and cons for you personally. For example, among the advantages are:

  • You can use the most popular slot machines that only exist on the online casino territory. You can also constantly play classic table games for money or bet on sports.

  • If your account gets hacked, you'll have the opportunity to restore it with the help of an earlier KYC verification of your documents.

There is only one disadvantage. You will have to take pictures of your documents correctly. This can be concerning, but it is really worth it.


As you might have noticed, the registration process on this casino site is one of the easiest of all those currently existing in the online segment. You really don't have to do anything complicated. For residents of India, rupees are available. You don't need to do any additional conversions or sit with a calculator to figure out how much money you spent if you convert to the national currency.

If you have forgotten your password, you can easily restore it using the convenient account recovery system. You can use a special form for this, or contact technical support, which will help you 24/7.

There are also applications for the popular Android and iOS operating systems. If you don't want to install any kind of app, you can use the mobile version of this casino, which works perfectly on any device.

There are no apps for PCs, but they are not needed because the main method of playing here is using a browser and advanced HTML5 technology that makes the whole game smooth and convenient.


How to register in Pin Up online casino in India?

You can take advantage of the instructions that were written in the article. It's a straightforward process, you need the very minimum of some private information about yourself. You also need to have a valid phone number or email, depending on how you want to register. This is a legitimate way to start playing inside the casino.

What is the welcome bonus at Pin Up Casino India?

This casino provides just great bonus offers for newcomers. You can start with no deposit bonuses, which you can get with special promo codes from celebrities or sites. In this case, you get a certain amount of money for free, and you can win it back by withdrawing it to your personal bank account.

Another welcome bonus is the doubling of your initial deposit. That is, for example, you deposit 5000 rupees into your account, and 10000 rupees are credited. This is really a great opportunity for newbies to start playing virtually for free and not spend their money.

How to register to Pin Up through a mobile phone?

All you have to do to register on the casino platform is enter a valid phone number to which a special code should be sent after all the necessary forms have been filled out. Once the code comes to you as an SMS, enter it in the account activation form. If it is correct, then congratulations, you have activated your account and can use all the services of this platform.