Pin-Up Casino App download APK for Android and iOS

The history of casinos starts with only one way to play it: land-based casinos. But nowadays, there is an increasing number of options allowing you to play casinos from many devices. Even your PC/Mac is no longer a limit. Pin-Up Casino App allows you to access your favorite casino website from your smart device at any time.

Any user with a smartphone that runs on Android or iOS can utilize Pin-Up Casino App, but the downloading processes will differ. Further in this article, you will understand how to download an app on your specific device. We will also briefly touch on the pros and cons of using an app or running an alternative browser version, so keep reading to make the best choice!

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Allows you to access Pin Up online casino at any time and in any place Can't be accessed from a couple of devices
You can install an app for free Interface picture might seem too small for some people
Mobile users get a couple of unique bonus offers, unavailable for PC/Mac users Apk download can be frustrating to some Android users

As you can see, the mobile Pin Up casino application gives you many more benefits than drawbacks. More importantly, any of the flaws we mentioned above can be easily overcome without much effort. For example, Pin Up casino download might seem hard or confusing with an apk method, or some people are even worried that it is unsafe. To assure yourself that your worries are irrelevant, you can check reviews of our casino, so you will understand that there is nothing to worry about.

Pin Up Pros and Cons

System requirements

Although the Pin Up Casino app is highly compatible with most devices, it has system requirements like any software.

Minimum operation system Android 4.4
RAM 512 mb+
Free space 100 mb+
Processor 1.2Ghz
Screen resolution 480x320

None of the requirement you see above demand something extreme from your device. Almost any smartphone from a budget price segment will easily deal with all those requirements without making you experience lags. Smartphones like Huawei, Realme, Xiaomi, Samsung, and other popular Android devices. What also greatly helps with that is app optimization, allowing the software to adapt to specific combinations of the hardware placed in your device.

The situation is much simpler when it comes to Apple devices. Due to the strictness of hardware put in their gadgets, the Pin Up application will be available on almost any of their products still supported by Apple. Of course, products such as iPhone 3 or lower are outdated and probably will not have an option to download the Pin Up app.

Register in the application

Just getting a Pin UP Casino application installed on your smartphone is not enough to start gambling. The next step you need to take is the registration process. There is nothing fancy here, just simple blanks typing with some essential info. If we wanted to break this process step by step, it would be:

  1. Launch the app and find the "Sign Up" button in the top right part of the interface. This step should not cause much trouble, as the button you are looking for is outlined in thick red;
  2. Choose the preferred registration method. Pin Up developer has made registration easier for users so that you can choose between using email or phone number;
  3. Fill in the blanks with accurate info about yourself. Don't forget that you must be over 18 years old to use a casino service. In addition, all the contact information you are giving should be in your control, as you will need it later;
  4. Confirm a registration. Confirmation will depend on the way you register your account. If you did it via email, you would need to find a letter in your mail and follow the instructions mentioned there. If it were a phone, you would get a message you must follow.
  5. Congrats! Now you are a full-fledged member of the Pin Up community. But keep in mind that to do some transactions, you might be asked to complete the identification process. Thus, you would need to prove that you are an actual person. Don't worry, this step is required only to protect your data and funds.

To log in to your account, you must use the information you used during registration. To start logging in to the Pin Up website, find the green “Login” button on the top right of the screen and press it.

Register in the application

How to install Pin Up Casino Apk?

Apk is a file that launches an installation process and can be run solely on Android devices. Users who have never installed software with apk might find this process hard or unreliable, but in practice, it just takes a few minutes. To make it easier for you, here are the steps you need to take to install Pin Up Casino apk:

  1. Open the Pin Up Casino website with your device's browser;
  2. Open the left menu and find the "Install Android" button;
  3. You will be sent to another page where you must press "Download for Android." If you have never downloaded any apk files before, your browser will not allow you to do that, saying that it is for security purposes. Thus, the phone tries to protect you from possible malicious software you might stumble across while using the internet. But we are not trying to download a virus program, so we will need to go to the browser settings and allow the app to be installed;
  4. Open a file manager and find the downloaded apk. Each phone downloads files from a browser into different folders, but one of the default places your file can be is the "Download" folder;
  5. Run the file. When you run it, you will be asked whether you want to proceed with installation or not. Of course, we press yes, and wait a couple of seconds until the installation line is full;
  6. That is it. Pin Up Casino apk has turned into a playable online casino.

We want to emphasize that the app must be downloaded from an official Pin Up Casino website or from here. That is because the internet is a dangerous place with many criminals and fraudsters. Considering the popularity of Pin Up casino, some people might try to deceive you with a fake app hiding under a google link. Thus, you might download some kind of malicious software or a virus that might help criminals to steal your data and breach the safety of your device. And if you think that you can just avoid apk installation, unfortunately, it is impossible as there is no Pin Up Casino app on official store resources.

Pin Up casino app for iOS installation steps

The situation here is much easier when we talk about the Pin Up Casino app for iOS. As there is no way to install software on apple products with the assistance of apk files, Pin Up developers had no choice but to put their casino software in the App Store. So apple devices owners should follow these steps:

  1. Go to the main website;
  2. Open the right menu, look for the "Download" button, and press it next. After that, you will be transferred to the App Store;
  3. Find a download button in the App Store and wait a minute for the Pin Up Casino app for iOS to get installed;
  4. After you see an app's icon on your desktop, the casino is ready for use!

Alternatively, if you don’t want to open a browser and look for the download button inside the Pin Up website, you can enter the App Store directly. After that, you will need to type in the search “Pin Up Casino,” so you will find the Pin Up app. The following steps will entirely mimic steps three and four from the previous guide.

Pin Up casino app for iOS installation steps

Pin Up Casino Mobile Version vs App

As you can understand, the Pin Up Casino mobile version is a great alternative to the Pin Up Casino application. Another way to access the Pin Up casino with your gadgets is just by opening a website in a browser. And actually, this way of playing Pin Up casino is not worse than using an app, and it is just different.

The main advantage of the mobile browser version is that it doesn’t have any system requirements. It means that casino gamers who don’t have gadgets suitable for the app can just use their normal browser to play Pin Up Casino. Gambling experience with it is as good as anywhere due to the good optimization and hardware support. Thus, all the slots, table games, and other casino activities will still please your eyes with smooth and bright visuals.

Another major advantage of the Pin Up Casino mobile version is that it doesn’t require you to use your gadget’s memory. The thing is that not every customer is capable of spending additional space on their gadget on the app. Users who don’t have much memory on their phones know the frustration when it ends. Well, the Pin Up browser version helps you to avoid such problems.

Some Android users will be glad that they don’t have to deal with apk files and can simply run a website that will work as well as an app.

But if you would like to know what kinds of pros the app has, they are the following:

  • It is independent of the browser. Thus, if the work of your browser is unstable, you might get crashes during the playthrough. Using Pin Up casino app can help you to avoid similar problems;
  • It helps any game to run smoother. Even though the Pin Up Casino mobile version is very comfortable to play, the smoothest gaming experience on mobile devices can be achieved solely with an app.

So both Pin Up Casino mobile versions have pros and cons, but generally, the difference is quite minor. Our advice: stick with an application if it is available on your smartphone and you have enough free space, if not, use a browser version.

Pin Up Bet Download

Pin Up is not just a casino provider, but it also offers bookmaker services. And the same as Pin Up Casino, Pin Up betting can be accessed via a special app. It is a functional app that provides you with all the necessary tools to track your favorite sports events and wager on them.

No matter what kind of sport you enjoy watching. If it has popular events, you will probably be able to fund them in Pin Up Bet. Both classic sport and eSport events are presented for more than 30 000 per month. Additionally, any matches can be tracked with an event list and watched live in the app.

Pin Up Bet facilitates diverse and engaging sports wagering with the help of numerous betting markets. Thus, if you are a football expert, you can make an additional bet trying to predict which team scores the first goal. Or you can bet on what player will be an MVP of the CS:GO match.

Another factor helping you to reach the most efficient wagering with Pin Up Bet is outstanding odds. It means that wagering coefficients would be a little better than other betting resources. It is not a game changer for bettors, but in the long run, your profit will be a couple of percents better.

What is also important is an interface and special features, where Pin Up Bet does a great job. Surfing through the app is enjoyable and will never cause confusion. In addition, Pin Up offers a few tools to help you to improve your betting: live game analysis and betting analysis.

If you want to try this betting app, it can easily be installed on your gadget without figuring out how to deal with apk files. Pin Up Bet download requires you to:

  1. Open your platform's official store. App Store for Apple devices and Play Market for Androids;
  2. Type in the search window "Pin Up Bet”;
  3. Open the app's page and press download;
  4. Wait a minute and launch an application.

Games at Pin Up Casino app

A real gambling pro knows that the most important feature of any casino is its games. The game list should be wide and consist of products of famous software developers. Pin Up Casino developers knew that and perfectly executed the games section. Thus, you will be able to find more than 10000 different games in the Pin Up Casino app, and most of them were created by famous software providers like Betsoft and Pragmatic Play. The most popular gaming categories in Pin Up Casino app include:

  • Slots. That is the casino part, where you will find the most variety and where the most players stay. Pin Up presents slots for any taste and audience. Beginning with themes ranging from ancient pyramids and Indiana Jones adventures to modern gangster drama. And finishing with various slot types with diverse rules. Such a big choice of slots allows you to stay engaged and avoid boredom by switching from one slot to another, and this process can last long, as there are so many slot machines at Pin Up;
  • Table games. The thing that is present at any casino nowadays is the table games. There are plenty of different types of them, each of which has different parameters. For example, craps is quite an easy game to hop in, but it has plenty of room for strategies and creative approaches. While games like roulette are super simple, all you have to do is just bet on one of the outcomes;
  • Card games. Another game category that Pin Up Casino app users adore. Like table games, you can choose between a couple of different card games. Poker will suit more skilled players who know how to calculate possible outcomes and bluff. While games like baccarat are very easy to get in and will be exciting for newcomers and skillful gamblers;
  • Live dealer games. It is a special category of games that features an actual person who will be there to conduct your games. During live dealer games, you are allowed to chat with other players and even with the dealer/croupier itself. Thus, this type of game will be great for people who want to converse during gambling. Live dealer games feature mostly card games and table games;

The Pin Up Casino app allows you to play most of the games for free with the assistance of the “demo” mode. This feature has a couple of ways to get used. For example, players can use it to test new games and determine their rules. While sophisticated gamblers can use this function to develop and improve their strategies in certain games.

Pin Up Casino app payment methods

It is crucial to make depositing and withdrawing funds in your Pin Up account as easy as possible. For that reason, the Pin Up Casino app features many payment methods, allowing you to transact with your native currency or use standard USD. Some of the most popular deposit methods are:

  • Visa/Maestro;
  • MasterCard IN;
  • Jeton India;
  • Neteller;
  • Skrill;
  • and many others.

It takes not much time to process depositing transactions, and there are no additional fees taken by the Pin Up. And when it comes to limits, the minimum amount to deposit is 100 rupees (might differ based on the chosen method), and the maximum is 4500000 rupees.

If you wanted to withdraw, you would need to select between

  • Visa/MasterCard/Maestro;
  • Astropay IN;
  • Jeton India;
  • EcoPayz;
  • Neteller;
  • and a few others.

Withdrawal processing might be a little longer, as first of all, each transaction is processed by our website and then by the service you choose. It is done to protect your funds better and prevent fraud. The situation with fees is the same as during deposits, and the minimum amount you can withdraw is 300 rupees. But if you think about the maximum amount to withdraw per one transaction, it is 100000 rupees with Jeton India.

Pin Up Casino app support

Even though the Pin Up Casino app has very few flaws, you might still have a few questions during its use. For that purpose, Pin Up developers introduce a couple of methods on how you can figure your question out.

FAQ section This is the easiest way to find an answer to your question. Just look for a similar topic in the list of frequently asked questions, and you will get help. But remember that this method only helps with basic issues.
Support phone call In case you are facing an issue that needs to be urgently solved, you can appeal to support via phone call.
Email letter Emails letters are a versatile method to reach out to support. An answer will not be instant, but you will most likely get your problem solved after it.
Chat A combination of email and phone call. Thus, you can speak to the moderator in a live regime and quickly fix your problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Pin Up apk free?

Yes, the Pin Up apk is free and doesn’t require any resources but your gadget’s memory. To download it, you can follow the instructions mentioned in the article, and it takes just a couple of minutes to get done.

Can I get Pin-Up Bet Mobile App?

Yes, anyone who wants to bet on sports with Pin Up can easily get the Pin Up Bet app. You can do it by entering your device’s official store (app store/play market) and typing in the search window “Pin Up Bet.”

Can I withdraw money in the app?

Yes, you can withdraw money at the cashier section of the app. To do that, you can use one of many withdrawal methods Pin Up offers, including cryptocurrency.