Play Pin Up Casino Aviator Game Online in India

Play Pin Up Casino first appeared as an international online gaming and gambling service provider in 2016. The platform quickly developed and spread worldwide, gaining trust and high popularity among Indian players.

And as Pin Up perfectly adapts to the preferences and interests of modern users, you can find all the popular and demanded casino entertainment games along with the best bonus programs under one roof. Among such exciting entertainment, the Pin Up Casino Aviator game has a special place.

Aviator is a newly developed game of chance from the category of the crash that was developed by Spribe in 2019. Due to its thrilling experience and innovative design, has Aviator successfully attracted the attention of many gaming enthusiasts. The game's atmosphere is unique and resembles a typical casino. It has a random number generator integrated into the game and takes the shape of a plane that flies every time odds increase.

A multiplier scale eventually starts growing when the round begins. The higher the airplane rises before taking off, the higher the odds, varying from 1x to 1.000.000x. The player never knows when the plane will crash, which, in turn, increases the interest in the Aviator game. During the gameplay, only the player can decide at what point in time to stop the flight and take his winnings; otherwise, he can lose the bet.

Developer Spribe OU, Estonia, Tallinn 
License  UKGC
Year of Launch January 2019
Currency USD, INR, EUR
Reliability  Provably Fair
RTP 97%

Real Money vs. Demo Mode

At Pin Up Casino, you can play the Aviator game both for real money or for free in the demo version.

Real Money vs. Demo Mode Pin Up Aviator

If you are new to the gaming industry, and particularly in casino games, and want to try out the Pin Up Aviator game, you can use the demo mode function. This is a great opportunity and experience for new users to learn the game rules and tactics in practice without worrying about losing real money. So, to make a free bet on Pin Up Casino, a player should:

  1. Navigate the official website of Pin Up India and visit the casino platform.
  2. Choose the Aviator game in the field with popular entertainment.
  3. Find the "Demo" button and click on it to place a free bet.
  4. Start playing without risking your money.

After trying out the game's demo version and mastering the skills, and testing the techniques, you can already move on to playing it with real money.

How to Start Playing Pin Up Aviator For Real Money?

After you practice enough in the game's demo mode, you can already move on and try the "Fun Mode" as well. To do so, you will need to go through a registration process at Pin Up India Casino and make your first deposit. Here, let's see how.

Registering at Pin Up Online Casino to Play The Game Aviator

To start with the game Aviator, you first need to open an account at Pin Up Casino. The procedure is extremely simple and takes just several minutes. All users over the age of 18 can easily log in, register an account, and play games at the Pin Up Casino. Just go to the official website and follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the main page of the Pin Up Bet and click on the "Register" button.
  2. Choose from the registration options (email address or mobile phone) and enter your password.
  3. Confirm your filled details by entering the verification code or the confirmation link sent to your provided contact address.

It's also important to note that you don't need a verified account to play casino games and enjoy your entertainment time. However, verification may be required for the withdrawal of the winnings. So, if you receive the appropriate request, just fill in the details to confirm your identity, including a scan of your ID or any other licensed document. If your provided information matches all the data, you will be verified during 1-3 days.

Pin Up Casino Aviator: Deposit and Withdrawal

In order to play that game Aviator, you will need to make a minimum deposit required. Funds are directly credited to the online casino account from your e-wallet or card. After filling your account with enough funds, you can already start playing on real money. Here is how to do it:

  • Go to the official website.
  • Log in to your gaming account and open the profile.
  • Navigate to the Balance section.
  • Fill in the amount you want to deposit or click on the button "Deposit."
  • Choose your preferred payment option from the extensive list of available payment systems and methods.
  • Fill in the transaction amount in the required field.
  • Now click on the button "Deposit" to finish the process.

Once done, you will be instantly redirected to a new page, requesting you to complete the deposit procedure. After competing, just navigate the website's main menu, find the Pin Up Casino Aviator game, and open it to play.

In case of any winnings, you can withdraw your balance instantly by using one of the popular payment systems available on the site. For withdrawal, you will typically need to go through the verification process.

That is to say; you need to confirm your identity and the correctness of the personal details you have filled in your account when registering. After you receive the verification request, you need to provide the scan of your ID document, confirm your contact information like email or phone number, and so on. You can withdraw your winnings instantly if the verification process is successful and all the information and personal details match.

Aviator Game: Algorithm and Rules

The interface of the Aviator game is divided into three main parts:

  • The central part, where you can see a small plane. When you start playing, it takes off and then gains height — the higher the plane goes, the more the bet multiplier will increase.
  • The second part covers the cockpit, which is located under the previous feature. Here you can easily manage your bets and interact with the game.
  • the last part is where you find the avatars of other users and players present in the game. You can also find your winning history and all players' biggest wins here.

Generally, the Aviator game is based on the player's greed. That is to say, the longer you wait, the more the airplane will fly higher, and the more your bets will increase. The multiplier's growth is exponential: it is slow at the beginning, then it quickly grows once past 5x. The game's key point lies in the fact that at some point in time, totally unpredictable, the airplane leaves the screen, and then the multiplier freezes. A player must have withdrawn right before that moment to be able to pocket their placed bet. This is the end of the round. The next round begins several moments later, giving a player enough time to pick his new bets. And so on.

Typically, each game round lasts only a few seconds or even less. You need to trust your own intuition and manage to withdraw your wins before it's too late. On the other hand, if you withdraw from the round too early, your multiplier will be lower. So, this game is primarily all about luck.

Spribe Aviator Game: Tricks and Hacks

The Aviator game allows its players to decide the size of earnings on their own. However, since this game is practically based on the number generator, there are no effective methods or ways to win. The only option to get the most out of the game is to turn to Aviator game tricks, hacks, and strategies. With a solid strategy and a set of recommended Aviator hacks, you can maximize the chances of winning several times.

Spribe Aviator Game

First and foremost, choosing the type and size of the bets is essential. The maximum number of simultaneous bets in this game is two. And as the strategies of playing Aviator for two or one simultaneous bets differ, let's review each separately.

Pin-Up Aviator Strategy for One Bet

If you are a newcomer and have no prior experience playing the Aviator game, then the one bet game is the most suitable option for you. This allows you to be fully concentrated, and your attention won't be scattered, so you can easily monitor the process of making real money in Aviator.

The basic step you need to take is to decide the amount of deposit you want to start with. From this choice, the value of the rate at which you later will play will be determined. Having enough funds in your casino account for about 200 bets is recommended. After you determine the size of the bet for the first round in Aviator, it is already time to determine the tactics and strategy of the game. Here are three recommended strategies for playing Pin Up Aviator.

  • Risky Tactics For Quick Winning in the Aviator Game: This is the riskiest strategy for real lucky players. Generally, odds 100+ halt on average once in an hour. Therefore, you need to look at the last result, including the multiplication of x100 or even more, then skip an hour and begin actively betting. 
  • Moderate Risk Tactics When Playing For Real-Money: This strategy is mainly for users with no money constraints or rather large funds available on their online casino account. If using this tactic, you will play x2-x3 odds. In this case, the probability of the results with the multiplier of 2-3 is almost 40-43%. However, when you are sometimes confident in your strengths, and there wasn't a large multiplication in a long time, you can try to take a risk by swinging at big coefficients. 
  • Minimum Risk Tactics For Playing Pin Up Aviator for Money: Actually, this type of tactic won't bring you a huge jackpot. Instead, you can play comfortably and enjoy the game without worrying about huge losses. The core essence of this tactic is that your bets are small, and in each round, your cashout should be at a multiplier of 1.20x - 1,21x. Here you can turn on the auto-bet and auto-cashout options. It will enable you to minimize the number of the lost round and eventually build up your balance. As such, you can already move on to a higher odd after the balance grows.

Pin-Up Aviator Strategy for Two Bets

Although this strategy is pretty the same as the on-bet strategy, it requires a player more attention and carefulness. Here, the Aviator game with the moderate risk tactic is considered the most optimal option for most users.

Generally, playing the game in your first bet with auto-cashout and auto-bet methods at multiplication 1.2x is recommended. In the second round, play with the moderate risk option we described above.

It's important to note that there are no fully guaranteed tactics or strategies for playing and winning the game. Everything in the Aviator game is based primarily on your luck, and the game's results really depend on whether you manage to hit the payout button before it's too late.

Pin Up Aviator Game: Benefits and Advantages

Pin Up Casino is a safe and reliable gambling site where you play Aviator for real money. It is a licensed company with original and quality slot machines and easy, instant withdrawals. Moreover, when playing at Aviator and getting the maximum winnings, you can also access various bonus programs and promotions. Here let's review some core benefits of playing Aviator at Pin Up Casino:

  • Fun, quick, and attractive.
  • 97% RTP rate.
  • Suitable for both beginners and experienced players.
  • Possibility to receive potential winnings that exceed the bet by 100 times.
  • Certified software.
  • Provably Fair, with cryptographic technology.
  • Free demo mode option, you don't need to risk your money.
  • Suitable for any operating system.
  • Support for Indian Rupees.
  • Game chat for communications.

Also, another significant advantage of the Aviator game is the ability to use all the features and functions of the game in the mobile version via the official website or mobile app.

Pin Up Aviator apk App for Android & iOS for iPhone

Over the last few years, Aviator has become a well-known and popular game among gambling enthusiasts. This is one of the reasons why apps are supported on a variety of devices. The goal is to make the game available to all players and users interested in gaming. It perfectly works on Mac PCs and Windows and is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones of various sizes. So, no matter what device you own, you can easily download and install the Aviator game application.

Pin Up Aviator apk App for Android & iOS

It's important to note that the Aviator Game PC and mobile applications are offline software that you can only use for practice and not to win real money. The only option to make real money is by registering and making bets in an Aviator game in a verified online casino with a reputable license, like Pin Up Casino.

Download Aviator Game for Android

All smartphone users can download Pin Up Aviator mobile application that perfectly works on both operating systems and enjoy all available features from their phones.

The Pin Up Aviator APK is available on the Play Store for Android users. The installation procedure is extremely simple. All you need to do is to follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Play Store from your Android device.
  2. Navigate the app and search for the Pin Up Aviator game.
  3. After clicking on the right game option from the search results, you will go to the main download page. 
  4. Press the button "Install" to get started.
  5. After waiting a little bit till the download is complete, you can open the app and begin using it.

Also, before downloading the Pin Up Aviator app, make sure it is the official version, as there are multiple Aviator game providers you can come across.

Download Aviator Game for iOS

The process of installing a mobile app for the Aviator game on iOS devices is pretty much the same as that of Android. Here are the main instructions to follow.

  1. Open the Apple Store from your iOS device.
  2. Navigate the app and search for the Pin Up Aviator game.
  3. After clicking on the right game option from the search results, you will go to the main download page.
  4. Press the button "Install" to get started.
  5. After waiting a little bit till the download is complete, you can open the app and begin using it.

As there can be several versions of the game, make sure it's the right one you need.

Aviator Betting Game FAQ

In this section, you can find the answers to some of the most common questions regarding the Pin Up Aviator game and its features. So, let's look through it.

Is the Aviator game safe?

The Aviator game is totally legal, which means it meets all the requirements and industry standards. As such, playing this game is secure, and you don't need to worry about being scammed. However, always ensure the option you picked is the official website or mobile app to avoid future unpleasant outcomes.

What is the Aviator slot RTP?

When looking at the RTP for this new-generation game, we can see that it has a pretty good money return of 97%. In simple words, it means that depending on the wagering amount, the predicted long-term return is about 97 % of that sum. Aviator easily beats many popular slot machines that have comparably lower RTP rates. This technology once again proves that the game result is 100 % fair; thus, third-party apps can't interfere with its system.

Is the Aviator game legal in India?

India has multiple legal regulations concerning online gambling sites and casinos.

  1. The online casino company should be located outside India.
  2. The gambling site should have a license for online gaming.
  3. The online casino should accept Indian currency — Rupees for bets.

So, you just need to find a trustworthy and licensed online casino with a good reputation and start playing without any worries. In its turn, the Aviator game is provably fair, fully legal, and safe. It means the game is developed using cryptographic technology, not allowing third parties to interfere with the game. So the final answer to the question is—Is the Aviator game legal in India? — is yes.

What are the minimum and maximum bets in Aviator Game?

Players from India can play the Aviator game with a minimum bet of 0.1. With this minimum investment, you can easily try out the game, familiarize yourself with its tactics, and eventually move on to the big bets.

The maximum bet amount at Aviator is $100. Moreover, the game allows players to make two bets at the same time, so you are not only limited to one single bet.

Is the Aviator game real or fake?

Pin Up Casino Aviator is a totally legal slot working on the Provably Fair technology driven by the Random Number Generator. Furthermore, its developer Spribe has a reliable UKGC license, which is one of the most trustworthy and respected licenses in the gaming industry. So if you choose a safe and well-functioning online casino where you can play the game Aviator, be sure that it is real and not fake.

How do I hack the Aviator game online?

If you want to hack the Aviator game online, you probably need to find an appropriate link for downloading the app from a safe source. Just open your browser, type "hack Aviator game," and try out some suggested options.